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​​​​​​​​​Summer Matters
Our wellness program focuses on actions youngsters can take to keep their bodies -- and their academic skills -- fit and strong over the summer vacation. The first part of the program reinforces the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices. Participants discover that getting enough sleep, eating healthy foods, drinking plenty of water, and avoiding unhealthy snacks impacts their wellness. They recognize the need to be physically active for sixty minutes a day and are encouraged to take the President's Active Lifestyle Challenge. Participants then spend the 45 minutes dancing along to our video to reinforce the notion that dancing is a fun way to burn off calories and reduce stress. [When possible, we arrange for youngsters to turn in their completed President's Active Lifestyle Challenge Log for a ticket to a local sporting event.]

The second part of the program focuses on the need to practice academic skills during summer vacation. Participants learn that failure to keep their skills sharp can lead to "summer slide" or summer learning loss. To prevent this from occuring, each youngster receives a Summer Matters backpack containing a grade-level appropriate workbook and a calculator. The worksbooks reinforce Core Content Math, Reading, Language Arts and Science skills that should have been developed in the grade s/he just exited.

Since 2011, we have brought our Summer Matters program to thousands of military dependents across the United States. Visit the next page to see some of the places we have been ......


Ft. Riley with the Kansas State Cheerleaders

Scott AFB with Louie - mascot of the St. Louis Blues

Ft. Leavenworth with the K.C. Wolf - mascot of the Kansas City Chiefs